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MSK-1 Knives Are Now Available @

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MSK-1 Mini Neck Knife - SPECS & Features + PHOTO
about 4 years ago – Sun, Jun 12, 2016 at 09:14:37 AM

Thank you for your patience! FINALLY, here are the details on the MSK-1 Mini Neck Knife. If you want to add one or many to your Pledge, please let me know. You will also be able to add MSK-1 Mini at the close of the campaign. Here's Mini Features and Specs: 

The MSK-1 Mini Neck Knife is designed to be a rugged, all-purpose, everyday carry survival blade that you can wear around your neck, slip in a pocket or pack, and bolt on… as a companion blade to our MSK-1 survival knife sheath system.

The Mini is fashioned from a single piece of .156 inch (or 4 millimeter) thick - black powder coated, semi-stainless, D2 high carbon steel. We chose D2 for it’s amazing edge retention, toughness and wear resistance. The 2.6 inch (6.6 Centimeter) edge is honed and then polished to razor sharp. The mild belly terminates at a clip point making the Mini fantastic for drilling, piercing, processing game… carving, slicing, fine detail and general utility cutting work.

The clipped false edge allows thumb or forefinger to sit naturally above the tip for precision cutting tasks.

With an overall length of 6.2 inches (or 15.8 centimeters)… the MSK-1 Mini provides a generous 3.5 inch handle that is ergonomically contoured for comfort and safety. Spine side jimpling and the sloped finger guard increase, grip and control.

The long center cutout reduces weight and is designed to hold a two inch mini fire steel rod OR MSK-1 handle survival kit components - for emergency use… when wrapped with your favorite paracord.

Strategically placed holes make it easy to wrap the Mini handle with paracord or lash the knife to a stick to make a spear.

The butt end pommel is designed to scrape bark and grind things… while it doubles as a capable firesteel striker.

Each mini comes with a sleek black, kydex sheath and the hardware needed to bolt the mini onto our MSK-1 Adaptable Carry System.

At the time of this video… the MSK-1 Mini Neck knife is available for pre-order through our MSK-1 Kickstarter Campaign… Here's a link:


VIDEO Update - NEW Stretch Goals Announced! Military Tactical Sheath, Mini Paracord Knife, Black Handle Color and MORE...
about 4 years ago – Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 02:48:13 PM

You guys SMASHED the $100,000 Stretch Goal and got FREE perks! NOW help us finish the campaign with a well and CRUSH the New $150,000 Stretch Goal... So I can Unlock MORE perks for YOU. Here's the VIDEO Update with ALL the Details. Help us make this goal. Please share this link:


NEW GEAR I LOVE - N x N the Wearable Multi-Tool - Merino Wool Shemagh - NICE!
about 4 years ago – Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 12:44:39 PM

I've Been Searching for YEARS... and finally found it on Kickstarter - of all places... What is "IT?" Glad you asked... 

It's a handsome Tactical / Survival Shemagh Scarf that will keep you warm when WET (unlike cotton)... is 3x stronger than cotton and has 101 uses. Shemagh / scarfs are extra large and are like a wearable Multi-Tool (see the graphics below) - and THIS One is the BEST I've Seen. I met the Owner Chad at Blade Show and this scarf / kerchief / shemagh is AMAZING... I just pledged for 2 (with 2 neck gaiters) on Kickstarter. Check It Out Here:

Tons of Practical Outdoor / Survival Uses
Tons of Practical Outdoor / Survival Uses





VIDEO! MSK-1: Blade Show LOVE + $150,000 Stretch Goal UPDATE!
about 4 years ago – Wed, Jun 08, 2016 at 11:51:56 PM

As I unpack and recuperate from Blade Show in Atlanta (after an extended stay and the LONG drive home)... Here's what OTHERs said about MSK-1 at Blade Show (see Video below).  Stand By for 150K Stretch Goal PERKS - Tomorrow (if all goes as planned)... 


$100,000 Stretch Goal Crushed - Your Perks "UNLOCKED" + New Stretch Goal
about 4 years ago – Mon, Jun 06, 2016 at 07:56:41 PM

Oh Yeah! Over the weekend YOU helped us CRUSH the $100,000 stretch goal... So guess what? "YEP"... You get the $100,000 stretch goal perks that I talk about in the video (below). Cool thing is that EVERYONE who has Pledged ANY amount gets something extra for Free! NEW Stretch Goal COMING SOON. Let me know what $ dollar amount we should shoot for this time.... Here's the video explaining the $100,000 stretch goal perks:

Thank you for your partnership and encouragement as we all spread the word about MSK-1.  Stand by for more!

Have a really awesome day!

 David - Founder / Owner / Ultimate Survival Tips