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MSK-1 Knives Are Now Available @

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A MSK-1 Update + Pick a TINY Logo + AMAZON Man!
over 2 years ago – Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 12:28:46 PM

Hello My Friend and Follow Adventurer,

Since my last note we have been busy trying to keep up with all the growing interest in our Tiny Survival Gear line (and MSK-1 Knives) that you helped us launch on Kickstarter.

But before I give you a TINY update - I Need Your Help...

Vote for Your Favorite Tiny Survival LOGO...

On September 1st we are launching - a website / BLOG focused around Micro EDC (Every Day Carry) gear that works - with an emphasis (of course) on our Tiny Survival Gear line up.

So... I am running a LOGO Contest on 99 Designs and I would like You to help me PICK which designs go into the final design round. IT's EASY.

Just click this link - or CLICK the photo below to go cast your VOTE and comment on the semi-final round of designs... THANK YOU!

VOTE on Your Favorite Tiny Survival LOGO

Now an Here's a Tiny Update:

  • Over 12,000 Tiny Guides + Thousands of Tiny Cards Sold (Since the Kickstarter launch)
  • Tiny Survival Gear was Featured in: Survivor's Edge Magazine / Touch of Modern / Apocabox (June) and will be in BATTLBOX (September) - LOOK for my Open Box Review on Ultimate Survival Tips YouTube
  • Tiny Survival Gear was VERY Successfully Launched on AMAZON recently - Phew! Complicated, LOTs of Work - But worth it. Here's a LINK...
  • Our PODCAST - The SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast is SMOKING (It's grown about 50% in the past 3 Months) Check it OUT Here...
  • A Little Problem - MSK-1 Knives and the Tiny Survival Gear line are creating more opportunity than we / I can handle. So...
  • INVESTORS - We are considering some options for raising Investment Capital to get Ben (my son) - and I help and move our two successful (but not yet fully developed) niche' gear brands (MSK-1 Knife & Tiny Survival Gear) beyond my basement - and beyond me having to do too much - so I can focus on doing what I do best - CREATING videos, online content and gear!
  • NEW GEAR!!! Oh my GOSH...I literally have 8 - 12 (I have lost track) Innovative NEW knives and gear in various stages of prototyping and I just DON'T have the TIME to get them done and out to you. So... if you are an sharp investor / business builder (AKA Shark) ... give us a shout - - let's talk. If you are a micro investor and would love to be part of our FUTURE / stand by for a potential Crowd Fund INVESTMENT Opportunity.
  • Tiny Survival BRAND Website Launch is Coming September 1st (soft launch before that). will be the home of a sweet BLOG on the coolest EDC innovations on the planet as well as the home of our very own TINY Survival Gear Including: Tiny Guide, Tiny Card, Tiny Sharpener, Several Tiny Kits and MORE. Look for this SWEET website soon...
  • LASTLY - If you are a praying person - please pray that I would have wisdom I need as we move forward and make decisions with regards to all of the above. THANK YOU!

Okay friend... that's the Big stuff!

Don't forget to VOTE for your favorite Tiny Survival BRAND Logo Here...

AND... THANK You for your continued encouragement and support!

Have a FAN-Tastic Weekend,


LAST Chance to Get YOUR Tiny Survival Guide and Card on Kickstarter - Don't Miss Out!
almost 3 years ago – Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 07:39:47 PM

Only 2 Hours Left to Snag Your Tiny Survival Guide and Card...

Hi Friend, 

It's crazy, and I can't believe that our Kickstarter Ends at Midnight Tonight with us sitting at well OVER 1,000% funded! Wow! Thank you!

So this is my friendly reminder (if you have not already done so), jump in and pre-order your Tiny Survival Gear now! 

One Quick Tip...

INSIDER TIP #1: Get a 5 or 10 Pack (of Guides and / or cards). You will save $$ - PLUS - You going to want  to give (especially) the Guides away as Stocking Suffers, Birthday Gifts, and to  Everyone You Love... No Joke!  GET Your Tiny Guides HERE:

Tiny Guides and Cards fit in wallets, purses, Altoids tins and can travel with you everywhere!
Tiny Guides and Cards fit in wallets, purses, Altoids tins and can travel with you everywhere!

Before I Go, Here Are Some of Our Friend's Projects that We LOVE... 

SliceCharge Pro | World's 1st 6-coils Wireless Charging Mat

Fastest 3-in-1 6-coils Wireless Charging Mat | Built-in MFi-Certified Apple Watch Charger by OPSO | 30W USB-C PD Power Supply: CLICK HERE

TOLIYA TOWEL: Upgrading Your Bath, Sports & Travel Essential. 

Toliya, the world’s best travel & sports towel made of pure cotton, designed to make bathing experience pleasant, while away from home. 

Toliya towels that are made to be trendy, incredibly absorbent, skin friendly, and with features such as a fast drying, compact and lightweight, they are ideal for travelers & sport persons who like to carry their go to towel. 

Check out their campaign HERE!

**NEW GEAR** It's HERE! Our NEW Kickstarter is Launched!
almost 3 years ago – Fri, Feb 15, 2019 at 09:30:07 AM

Tiny Survival Guide and Tiny Survival Card - Are Here!

AVAILABLE Now - On Kickstarter!  Over two years from concept to launch - I'm proud to announce the AMAZING - Tiny Survival Guide and Tiny Survival Guide (the first two offerings in my NEW Tiny Survival Gear brand (from Ultimate Survival Tips).

WE went BIG with the MSK-1 Knife System - Now we are going SMALL with BEST in class Everyday Carry gear that fits in your wallet, pocket, pouch, purse, glove box, Altoids tin or survival kit. 

Get in on "EARLY BIRD" Specials and Bulk Discounts - ENDS 02/19/19 (Yep, that's Tuesday ; )
Get in on "EARLY BIRD" Specials and Bulk Discounts - ENDS 02/19/19 (Yep, that's Tuesday ; )

Introducing the Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE and the Tiny SURVIVAL CARD

Tiny Survival Guide is a compact, rugged, water resistant resource that condenses over 35 hours of our training into a guide the size of a credit card. 

It’s so small and light that it fits in your wallet and can go anywhere you go.  It’s like having a training resource AND a life insurance policy in your pocket.

“Every Survival Kit Needs One of These” 

Bryan at Survival On Purpose (on YouTube) recently reviewed the Tiny Survival Guide and said, 

“This guide has more helpful information than many books” and, “Every survival kit needs one of these.” 

Here’s a link to Bryan's video

"This is the Coolest Product I've Seen Hit the Survival Market in a Long Time!"

- Creek Stewart (Best-Selling Author and Host of SOS How to Survive) recently wrote, 

“You've heard the phrase "knowledge weighs nothing".  Well, so does this Tiny Survival Guide!  I've never seen so much life-saving survival information packed into such a small (and affordable) package.  This is the coolest product I've seen hit the survival market in a long time!"

I Blew It - SO Don’t Miss Out Because of My Mistake...

I have to apologize!

I’ve been traveling, and so busy lately that this is the first time I’ve had a moment to let you know about the Tiny Guide and Card project. And now there are only 4 days left to grab your Tiny Guide and Card at smokin’ good “Early Bird Special” deals on Kickstarter. 

GOOD NEWS... there’s still time! 

4 Days Left to Get “Early Bird” Pricing on Kickstarter Before our campaign ENDS on Tuesday night. *Click Here* to check out these cool tools. 

David's TIP: And get enough guides to give one to each person that you love and care about most (for as low as $6 each USD - when you buy in bulk quantities).  

You are going to LOVE these tools!

Before I Go, Here a Some of Our Friend's Projects that We Love... 

Air Deck 2.0 - The ultimate travel playing cards

Following the success of the original project, our friends over at  Air Deck just launched Air Deck 2.0. These playing cards are premium,  waterproof, compact, lightweight and durable. Click HERE to see their  THREE NEW DESIGNS now.

Sonnet: A GAME CHANGER For Wilderness & Emergency Communication

Our friends Sonnet Labs has launched a revolutionary communication device, Sonnet. At $119/pair, it creates an independent network for your smartphones, etc. It uses its OWN SIGNAL to send each other text,  voice, images, and ALL files, thus NEEDS NO CELL SERVICE. You can also  form your own Sonnet network with your friends which can stretch the  range up to 100 km, and share internet connectivity! In a nutshell, whenever and wherever you face a non-existent or unreliable signal, you  might want Sonnet. We love it and we think you will too! CLICK HERE.  

Sonnet: A Game Changer For Wilderness & Emergency Communication
Sonnet: A Game Changer For Wilderness & Emergency Communication

Thank You for Your Continued Encouragement and Support! 

Until Next Time... 

Be Prepared... Because You Never Know,


New! MSK-1 SERE Combat Sheath - Just In Time for Christmas
about 3 years ago – Thu, Dec 06, 2018 at 08:16:38 PM

MSK-1 SERE Combat Sheath Is Here!

AVAILABLE Now - Just In Time for Christmas! After nearly year of concept development and 6 months of prototyping (with one of the top KYDEX sheath manufacturers in the USA) - I’m proud to announce the NEW MSK-1 SERE / Combat Sheath!

Get FREE USA Shipping on Select MSK-1 Packages Until December 15th
Get FREE USA Shipping on Select MSK-1 Packages Until December 15th

The MSK-1 COMBAT / SERE Sheath Features:

  • Ambidextrous (left or right handed) Setup
  • 3-in-ONE Carry System with: BELT Carry, Scout Carry and Inverted Carry
  • A Heavy Duty Quick Release Belt Clip
  • MULTIPLE Positions to Setup Add-On Gear HOW YOU Want
  • A Fully Adjustable Knife Retention System (for Quick Release or Extra Tension)
  • Lower Strap Slots (for Securing Your Sheath to Gear or Gear to Your Sheath)
  • A Removable Desert Tan Outer Layer - So, You Can EASILY Change the Look of Your Sheath from Camo to Solid OD Green and back again
  • Accepts ALL Existing MSK-1 Add-On Gear

As you can see… the MSK-1 Combat SERE Sheath May BE ONE of the Most Versatile KYDEX Sheaths EVER Developed.

An MSK-1 Survival Knife Kit for Christmas?

After 2 Years of being back-ordered - I'm HAPPY to announce that I have a limited number of MSK-1 and Mini Neck Knife Kits available - RIGHT NOW - in time for Christmas.

CHRISTMAS Specials for YOU!

First, you can get the MSK-1 SERE Combat Sheath (complete with firesteel and mini knife sheaths) for my Special… INTRODUCTORY Price of $99… until December 15th, 2018. This is $45 off of our Original Combat Sheath Bundle Price.

PLUS - As An ADDED Christmas BONUS - I want to give you FREE Shipping to the USA or $35 International Shipping on SELECT MSK-1 Knife PACKAGEs (UNTIL December 15th, 2018 — or until we run out of knives - Whichever comes first).

NEW Mega MSK-1 Knife Packages - READY to Ship!
NEW Mega MSK-1 Knife Packages - READY to Ship!

NOW… I know the MSK-1 is NOT for everyone… but if it’s for YOU (or someone you love)… there’s no better time to pick one up than right NOW!

JUST KNOW that we ONLY have about 100 MSK-1s left in stock and when we run out, we will not have anymore to ship until May or June of 2019.

So, if you OR someone on your LIST, wants an MSK-1 kit for Christmas - now is the time.

Here's my YouTube video with ALL the details:

Coming - January 2019 to Kickstarter!

Look for our NEW Kickstarter Campaign launching the TINY Survival Guide in January 2019 (Pictured below).

TIny Guide with MSK-1 SERE Combat Knife - Prototype
TIny Guide with MSK-1 SERE Combat Knife - Prototype

Here Is My Christmas GIFT To YOU...

About two weeks ago we launched The SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast (just in time for Christmas)... and it's really taken off!

So far we've made the TOP 10 in our category on iTunes for two weeks in a row... And have over thirty, 5 Star Ratings from Listeners.

If you LOVE podcasts, are into the outdoors (in any way), and / or want to be better prepared... You WILL love this podcast... It's my gift to you...  Check it out HERE!

Check Out OUR New Podcast! You're Going to LOVE It...
Check Out OUR New Podcast! You're Going to LOVE It...

Until next time... have a fantastic, safe and blessed Holiday Season.

Warmest regards,


MSK-1s SHIPPING NOW! 100% Kickstarter Shipped
almost 4 years ago – Wed, Mar 07, 2018 at 11:17:18 AM

Hi Friend, 

This WILL be my shortest update ever. 

Before I get to the update... 

Here are links to TWO Short Videos Showing the MSK-1 in ALL of it's glory - Splitting, Batoning and Chopping wood. Have you ever split full sized logs with a knife? If NOT Here's How to do it... 

Now to the Update... 

Here's the Bullet List: 

  • Long Awaited - MSK-1s are here - and they are BEAUTIFUL! 
  • Last week We started shipping MSK-1s to those who have been waiting the longest (and new testimonials are pouring in)! 
  • This means 100% of all Kickstarter Backers have been shipped - Hooray!
  • Approximately 80% of all Pre-Orders are Shipped - Hooray! Hooray! 
  • More MSK-1s ARE shipping (every day) for the next two weeks.
  • This means, every remaining pre-order will be shipped before April 1st.
  • You WILL be sent a Tracking Number as soon as your MSK-1 Ships.
  • PLEASE don't email me as ask when specifically I am shipping your knife. I actually can't tell you. Just know it is coming soon. Here's the reason... I'm just one dude and I can't answer emails and focus my energy on getting your MSK-1s out - at the same time. And you want your knife. And with your help here, I WILL get it to you ASAP. 
  • YES! I am personally inspecting, setting up and packing every MSK-1 (with a little help from my son Ben) so we can ensure everything is just right for YOU.

MSK-1s FOR SALE and Shipment - WITHOUT the Wait - Coming Soon!

Once all Backordered MSK-1s Ship - I will (for the first time EVER) have a limited number MSK-1 kits in stock. These will be available for shipping around April 1st. 

Once these sell out my next batch will in stock in May. 

The Future of Our Combat Sheaths and Combat Combo Kits

I have had some questions about whether I am selling the Combat Sheaths and Combat MSK-1 Combo Kits anymore (since I took them off of the website).  

The answer is, "YES!" I took these kits "down" temporarily because my manufacturer has NOT been able to keep up... and his promised delivery dates have not been kept. This has driven me CRAZY!  

This makes me look bad (I'm tired of looking bad for no fault of my own) and makes you frustrated. So once we catch up on these - I will make these sheaths and combo kits available for sale. 

We are making progress - but it will be a couple more weeks until these are available again.  

WATCH THIS VIDEO - MSK-1 is Featured 

I recently took my MSK-1 (the one I've been using since late 2016) on winter camping trip. My friend Mark and I both use MSK-1s and Mini Neck Knives - both are shown and used in this video. Great usage tips INSIDE - You're going to LOVE this! 

Okay you all... Thats it. 

Have a fantastic day!


Here's A Few NOTES from MSK-1 OWNERS… 

Don't Forget to Send Me YOUR MSK-1 Adventure Stories!!! 

“Hi David, Now that I have held the knife in my hand, I know I made a good decision in purchasing the MSK-1. Outstanding piece of gear! To you and your team, “Well Done!!” - F.S. Texas, USA

“David, I’m filled with joy now… the look and feel, it’s so much better than what I expected. It’s a big knife, but well balanced. This is my last day of work before I take the knife with me for 3 weeks in the desert wilderness… I will send you pictures (when I get back)… I’m really happy to deal with a person as nice as you. I wish you all the best.” - H.D. Saudi Arabia

“I GOT IT!! Thank you David! I almost tackled the Postal carrier, Then though twice… (she probably would have kicked my butt). I trepidatiously unboxed the unit. Now I have an MSK-1! My friends and family will no longer laugh at my "Flying Dutchman" of a knife. David, its GREAT! Congratulations! - E.B. PA, USA

“David, Its arrived! Took a little while for the customs guys to be happy to release, but we got it home… Firstly, you have done an outstanding job with well thought out and made… really proud of the outcome…” - A.S. Australia

“David, I received my MSK1 this past Friday. First, this thing is huge. It's a lot bigger and heavier than I expected, but I like it… and the sheath system is amazingly versatile… So, you truly do have a survival knife SYSTEM, for use by anyone with minimal additional hardware needed.” -D.W. Virginia, USA

“David, You did an amazing job - by far this is my favorite [Kickstarter] project - I need to order more!!!!!!!! I have been in the manufacturing business for over 25 years - and I help in the design of our products - I can definitely see the complexities in your project and the detail - more than outstanding - absolutely brilliant from the knife to the accessories - top quality - you delivered as promised! Thank you for taking your time and getting the details and quality right - it definitely shows. Did I say "I need to order more?” - J.N. Texas, USA

“David, Just got mine this morning. You and your team did terrific job on this knife and it's components/accessories. Well done and keep up the good work.” - N.M. Greece

“Hi David, I received the knife and it is amazing. I have a physical disability in my hand and need a knife with some weight to it and yours fits the bill. I searched and went through a LOT of knives to find the best and perfect one. Congratulations, you hit the mark. I love how the blade has weight to it with places to grip it for perfect control, and holes in it are great for lashing it to a pole to make a spear. I also like the handle that is made with a [micarta] material for a decent grip. Finally I love how you went the extra step in the sheath where I can adjust it to fit it at any angle and you added an elastic loop to the firesteel to keep it in the sheath… I am thoroughly impressed. Thank you.” - S.W. Illinois, USA

“David, Thanks for everything, the knife arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase… I may have even talked a buddy into getting one of his own. I'm very happy with the knife!” - M.B. Washington, USA

“David, You are my hero! This is amazing! I will be ordering a tactical sheath as soon as I can as well! Your support is unreal! - C.R. BC, Canada

“Dear Dave, Thank you for your project. [MSK-1] is an interesting concept and a welcomed addition to my life. MSK-1 is great chopping tool, also it's well balanced handcrafting tool - even for small jobs. As you know I am Japanese and the MSK-1 is sized prefect to fitted my hand. You should know that I got another knife made by Mr. (Jeff) Freeman the other day, because of good quality of the MSK-1. Both I now own, and am so happy to use them everyday. Best regards, H.Y.” - H.Y. Japan

“Dear David, If I had known (when I meet you) at BladeShow that this is what the MSK-1 would actually be… I would of hugged you. I’m so happy to own the [MSK-1 and Mini Knife] set… it’s just amazing. Love it. It was well worth waiting for. What a great job you have done. Thanks again.” - M.S. Israel

“Hi David, Got my MSK-1… and it is amazing, I love it, I’m sure it will last me a lifetime... the last knife I’ll ever need. Thanks again.” - G.W. United Kingdom

“Got my blade! The wait was worth it! Thank You so much!” - G.H. Hawaii, USA

“Hello David, I received my MSK-1 kit. From the packaging to the gear inside the boxes, I can see the quality of this project everywhere. Grasping the knife in my hand, I can feel the tears, sweat and effort you put into this over the past year. David, I appreciate you and admire your courage to kick off such a huge project. I know you have been under a lot of pressure, but I want you to know that it was well worth the year I waited for it. MSK-1 is a really kick-ass item that makes me feel of confident when holding it in my hand.” - M.S. Hong Kong

“Hi David, Got my knife! Thank you for designing such an incredible piece of hardware! And I'm so happy! Your goal of leaving a legacy in metal was successful.” -J.Y. New York, USA

Hey David, I just received my MSK-1. My only regret is NOT ordering another. I am very happy. I'd like to purchase another knife." - F.M. Nevada, USA

"A few months back, I was casually looking for a more substantial knife to have on hand for the outdoors - and to be honest, I wasn’t specifically looking for a “survival” knife. I was looking for something that was robust and functional enough to perform a number of duties.

So I searched YouTube, and I found the MSK-1. While I’ve had a few knives over the years that were short lived disappointments, I did some research and decided to order the MSK-1. As in most things in life, the concept of buyer’s remorse is probably more common than most would admit, but I have to say that this knife is beyond exceptional, it's off the charts perfect, and was well worth waiting for!

From clearing and preparing our campsite on a recent adventure in Vermont, the MSK-1 proved to be so much more than just a knife, operating also as an ax, a shovel, a hammer, and a cooking tool... this knife is ideal for any heavy duty task as well as more delicate duties such as carving and food preparation.

The quality could not be better, and in fact, this thing is so overbuilt it will certainly outlive me.

I have never written to a company before, or provided any feedback or testimonial, but this product was such a pleasant surprise - I had to contact you!

My thanks go to you David, and your team for making such a great product." - - J.H. New York, USA

"I received my MSK-1 Ultimate Survival Knife Kit + Extra Sheath and MSK-1 Mini Neck Knife Kit [on September 25th]. The excellence of the packaging and the way things shipped alone was top notch and added to the excitement.

I was blown away by the quality of this survival system. My father has been teaching two-week desert survival on the USA / Mexico border for SWAT and Border Security for over 20 years, and he agrees - MSK-1 is a complete survival system in a compact, superior knife platform.

As I began to use my MSK-1, I realized that this knife system was so capable that it seemed to inspire a massive amount of confidence and positive thinking in me - even raising my mental state.

I have also found that the knife and sheath are easy to clean and maintain [after hard use]. And your instructions for maintaining the MSK-1 are reasonable and quick. I am indeed grateful for your time and effort in the creation and persistent pursuit of quality that you forced us to accept.

Thank you for not giving into the usual corporate traits of sacrificing quality for profit. And a huge "Thank You" for not cutting corners when you experienced delays due to outside manufacturing problems.

You held your head high and took the brunt of our (mine and all customers) frustrations at the lack of instant gratification! But the delays were worth it!

Thank you for responding to each and every email that I sent. You put my modern day lack of patience at ease. I have never experienced such a high level of customer service for an item that I didn't even have yet!!

Your personal intervention in the shipping process was unparalleled. The Skittles just topped everything off. Thank you!

I now have to go through the headache of updating my living will to figure out which of my children gets this MSK-1 package when I pass on to bigger and better pastures. :) I am grateful for this problem.

Thank you again for all the effort on my account alone. Best regards," - A.M. Nevada, USA

"Hey David,

I just want to thank you again for my MSK-1! I've had it for a couple of months now and absolutely love it! The quality and craftsmanship of this knife is truly a step beyond anything else I've come across!

I've been working up in Northern British Columbia (as an aircraft maintenance engineer in remote areas) and along the Alaskan border, deep in grizzly bear country in the summer and in subzero temperatures in the winter. My MSK-1 and I have been inseparable since I've received it!

I spend a lot of time in little exploration camps on the tops of mountains in a tent. And usually in these areas the weather isn't all that great, so if you can't see you can't fly, so we land wherever we can. So it's not uncommon for us to spend the night out on a VERY remote mountain top in the middle of nowhere.

So I carry a little bit of my own gear, (the necessities due to weight restrictions) just in case. I definitely feel like I have what I need with the MSK-1 and if anything were to happen I'd be in pretty good shape having this for a survival tool!

As the holiday season has approached I took it up 3500' to mount Shorty near Stewart BC to harvest my Christmas tree for the season as I am spending it with the helicopters I work with and a lone pilot.

I finally managed to start a fire using the bow drill system thanks to your video tips and the MSK-1 bow drill spindle feature!

I'm not going to lie, it felt good and has been on my list of skills to accomplish for quite some time now!

Thanks again David for coming up with this awesome knife and having the best customer service out there! I'm a happy camper! And this knife is just simply ridiculous in the best possible way! I'm excited to see what comes next.

I definitely want to come on one of your [Ultimate Survival Challenge] survival courses so I hope to see you in the future!

You're Bro from BC, Canada - Caleb"